EMC Best Practice Webinar - changes to Burst and Surge standards

Staying up-to-date with EMC compliance standards is critical for product designers and test engineers. Attend the webinar to hear about recent changes to the standard that affect Burst and Surge testing. These include pulse shape, calibration/verification and even specification of coupling networks that could lead to different test results. This webinar is a summary of the most important changes and the possible influence in test results. It will also clarify why new test results can not be compared to those complying to the old standard.

almost 2 years agoJuly 1, 2020

How can I get the presentation file?
about 1 year agoMarch 16, 2021
Thanks for your great presentation. How can I get the presentation file?
my email is: jonestsai@sporton.com.tw
David Sadler Smith
about 1 year agoMarch 16, 2021

You can download the document here - https://www.ametek-cts.com/-/media/ametekcts/documents/applicationnotes/tn0107_changes-in-the-burst-and-surge-standard.pdf

if you need any additional assistance please email me david.sadler-smith@ametek.com
5 months agoDecember 22, 2021
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