Continuous Wave (CW)and Radar Pulse requirements of the automotive manufacturer standard

This webinar will give you an up to date overview of not only the EMC standards requirements for the major US manufactures of Ford and GM, but also compares these requirements to that of major European and Chinese manufactures to give a global overview. It addresses the challenge for Automotive EMC laboratories is to find a cost-effective solution to meet both the Continuous Wave (CW) and Radar Pulse requirements of the automotive manufacturer standards.

Janet Luo
over 1 year agoJune 4, 2020
Excellent introduction to concept of P1dB and saturated power, however your reference to AM modulation under peak conservation is incorrect for automotive standard.  The peak of AM waveform need to be the same level as its CW, not higher. AM Power reduce by 3.9dB or Siggen input to AMP reduce down by 5.1 dB from CW.
David Sadler-Smith
over 1 year agoJune 4, 2020
Hi Janet
Following up on Nick's comment below, in case you missed it, the accompanying booklet contains the comparison Nick mentioned.  You can download it here
Nick Jones
over 1 year agoJune 4, 2020
Hi Janet, you are of course correct. The example I used was for the commercial standard, then what was supposed to do was compare this to the automotive requirements to highlight how the amplifier can be used for both, but I simply left this part out. Not my finest hour so it will need to be amended. Many thanks for the feedback. Nick
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