What is EMC Pre-testing and why it is important

The ability to perform in-house EMC product testing before going to a certified Test Lab for final certification provides product designers and manufacturers with an array of benefits.

Ensure equipment has a sufficient level of immunity to maintain adequate performance in the presence of the electromagnetic disturbances to which it is subjected

Find EMC issues with your products before going to a Test Lab for approvalsIncreases the chances your products will pass the first time avoiding wasted time & costs

Streamlines your product development time & avoids delays in bringing new products to market

Increases communications between testing & engineering groups working on EMC issues – with everyone together in one place together

Pre-Testing for IEC 61000-4-2, -4,-5 & -11 solves many immunity issues & can easily be done at your location at a reasonable cost versus going to the Test Labs multiple times looking for issues & solutions.

Seminar content During the webinar the presenter will provide an overview of the tests that can be included in a pre-testing schedule and the standards covered. This will include information about the test set-up required to perform the test, and instruments that are required.

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